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Following is the information about the facial products and their benefits from the Repêchage website - http://www.repechage.com and you can call us to get additional information or more clarification if you have any questions.

What is Seaweed Facial Mask &its benefits?

The Seaweed Facial Mask is the express ticket to clean and healthy skin. A soothing massage with C-Serum followed by a cooling and soothing fresh seaweed mask. Skin is clean, refreshed, healthy and vibrant.

  • C-Serum Massage: This concentrated seaweed serum is a multi-vitamin supplement for the skin. It is gently massaged into the skin to help speed-up cell regeneration, healing and restoring.
  • Seaweed Mask: Pure, fresh European seaweed is applied to the facial skin to help rejuvenate, tone and firm the skin dramatically

What is Classic European Facial & its benefits?

Cleanses, tones and moisturizes skin deep down with the ancient botanical, St. John’s Wort, known for its gentle soothing properties. Green & White Teas provide anti-oxidant protection. Massage & deep cleansing help to hydrate and purify combination skin.

Facial properties:

  • Cleansing: Deep cleanses as it monitors excess oils & replenishes skin moisture. Gentle St. Johns Wort forumla is great for sensitive skin. Green and White Teas provide anti-oxidant protection.
  • Tone: Our Toning Complex acts as both an astringent & calming process that tones & soothes while restoring pH balance.
  • Massage: Using our aqua massage cream, administer a 10 minute classic European Facial massage under steam.
  • Exfoliate: Pure honey, oatmeal & almond meal help purify & deep cleanse the skin. This phase leaves the skin super clean & smooth.
  • Optional: If extractions are needed, prep skin with Desincrustation Solution. May be used with or without the use of electro-therapy.
  • Mask: This mask draws out oils as it balances skin moisture.
  • Optional: Upgrade with Pro-Electro Galvanic Gel and Seaweed Treatment Mask
  • Moisturizing: Our moisturizing complex is a superior protective cream, both light & hydrating.

What is Repêchage Four-Layer Facial and its benefits?

The Repêchage Four-Layer Facial® is our Premier anti-aging treatment which Cosmopolitan UK called "...the best facial of the Century..." Experience layer upon layer of pure, fresh European seaweed to rejuvenate, tone and help firm the skin dramatically.

  • Layer 1: Seaweed filtrate is a concentrate of freshly-harvested seaweed. It softens lines, adds moisture and helps rebalance and tone skin tissues.
  • Layer 2: A three-movement facial massage is given with a creamy hydrating forumla. Lasting benefits include improved circulation and skin elasticity.
  • Layer 3: The fresh seaweed mask is the cooling and soothing treatment that hydrates while improving skin tone and clarity.
  • Layer 4: The mineral mask is the grand finale. It creates its own gentle warmth to activate the properites of the seaweed mask beneath it.

The results are impressive: younger-looking skin with visibly renewed moisture and an afterglow that lasts. Just touch your skin, and feel the difference.

What is Hydra Dew® Express Lift Facial and its benefits?

Repêchage Hydra Dew® Express Facial with Argireline® hexapeptide helps to give skin a Virtual Lift! Codium Tomentosum Seaweed provides in-depth moisturization. Waterlily, Palmitoyl Proline, and calming Willowherb Extracts ensure immediate calming and soothing. Essential Fatty Acids of Sunflower, Sesame and Almonds work to re-establish the hydra-lipidic protective barrier; while Bearberry combats hyper-pigmentation to lighten and brighten the complexion. Rich in Beta Carotene, B Vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron Minerals. Hydra Dew® Express Lift Moisture Facial delivers maximum results in a minimum of time.

  • Cleanses: This procedure lifts away makeup & daily debris without disturbing the skin’s delicate protective barrier. It uses an ultra mild & soap-free cleanser that contains Hydrolyzed Oat Protein that improves elasticity & condition.
  • Tones: Toner is applied to bind & restore proper moisture balance.
  • Moisturizes: Light & fast-penetrating moisturizing cream make the skin supple, luminous & visibly dowy. Marine Moisture factor from seaweed boosts the skin’s natural moisture retention.
  • Express Mask: A deep acting moisturizing forumla makes dry skin smooth & dewy. Argireline® Hexapeptide smoothe out complexion providing an alternative to Botox®.

What is Hydra Medic® for Problem Skin (Acne Facial) and its benefits?

The Hydra Medic® Facial with Desincrustation Mask cleanses pores, purifies and controls existing breakouts while helping to prevent new ones from forming. It also helps reduce oil from overly active sebaceous glands, while maintaining skin moisture balance. Our exclusive Desincrustation Mask – the first of it’s kind – preps the skin for extractions, softening comedones and the solidified sebaceous material around the edges of the pore, making extractions easier to manage and minimizing skin trauma. Porprhyridium Micro-alga, a red, unicellular seaweed that’s high in essential fatty acids as well as Vitamins B and C is used in combination with Zinc as sebum regulating, moisturizing and protection for problem skin. Salicylic Acid further improves the appearance and condition of the skin, while our anti-oxidant tea blend soothes and calms. Leaves skin noticeably healthier, smoother and clearer. Clinically proven safe.

Facial properties:

  • Cleanse: Soap-free formula deep cleanses without causing dryness. Anti-oxidant synergistic tea blend soothes inflamed skin, leaving it soft and smooth.
  • Targeted Care:  A special serum is applied to all affected areas using an effleurage massage and steam to prep skin for extractions.
  • Desincrustation Mask: Our Desincrustation Mask is applied to the face and neck, followed by a careful extraction process.
  • Tones: Salicylic acid  helps control excess oil and unclog pores. Synergistic tea blend and powerful anti-oxidant forumla soothes and calms the skin.
  • Mud Mask: This mask applied evenly to the face. It deep pore cleanses and the mineral-rich sea mud & ichtammol absorbs oil without drying out the skin. It also helps prevent future breakouts.
  • Calming Mask: Containing both Buttermilk and a calming synergistic Tea Blend. This mask is both cooling and soothing.

Hydration: Porphyridium Complex (micro alga) helps control excess oil and shine while reducing dryness and flakiness. Synergistic tea blend helps to soothe and calm irritated skin. Zinc Oxide provides daily protection, while matting the skin and reducing redness.

What is Biolight Miracle Facial and its benefits?

This signature professional treatment helps brighten and diminish the appearance of hyper-pigmentation due to the sun, acne scars and hormonal changes while enriching the skin with its added anti-aging benefits. Clinical studies have shown that its marine and botanical actives work together to uncover a radiant, more luminous complexion.

Facial properties:

  • Cleansing: Our cleanser is formulated to remove dryness and impurities that dull and darken the complexion.
  • Exfoliate: This intensive skin treatment focuses on resurfacing and renewing skin with less irritation than standard glycolic peels.
  • Tone: Our alcohol free toner refines and clarifies skin, leaving it noticeably smoother and brighter.
  • Massage: 5 minute massage with our breakthrough serum which is clinically proven to rapidly help brighten and even the skin tone.
  • Second Massage: 10 minute massage with our power-packed cream with three clinically proven peptides to even skin tone and key ingredients to reduce oxidative stress.
  • Mask: Ulva Lactuca Extract provides further skin brightening as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Helps prevent skin aging and encourages cell renewal.
  • Tone: Our alcohol free toner refines and clarifies skin, leaving the skin refreshed and calm.
  • Exfoliate: Our Glyco-Sea Glycolic Peel is an intensive skin treatment that focuses on resurfacing and renewing skin with less irritation than standard glycolic peels.
  • Hydrates & Protects: This daily moisturizer protects skin from the environment with Zinc Oxide mineral protection.

What is Vita Cura® 5 Phase Firming Facial and its benefits?

Vita Cura® 5 Phase Firming Facial with Micropeel is based on Repêchage’s exclusive combination of natural marine and herbal ingredients to invigorate, lift and firm mature skin, providing advanced skin repair. The treatment provides an instant trigger to young looking skin. Long term benefits to preserve elasticity, improve oxygenation and help prompt cell renewal. By understanding the science behind natural therapies, Repêchage is able to provide the most advanced skin solutions for today’s client. Plastic Surgeon Recommended.

Together, these 5 phases provide unsurpassed anti-aging results.

  • Phase 1: Vita Cura® Enzymatic Micropeel: This papaya-based peel gently reveals brighter, younger looking skin and a vibrant complexion.
  • Phase 2: Vita Cura® Cell Renewal Serum: This serum is massaged into skin to promote cellular repair, improve circulation, decrease dryness, and provide protection from oxidative damage.
  • Phase 3: Vita Cura® Triple Firming Treatment Cream: This phase firms the skin in three dramatic ways. Messenger Pentapeptides acts faster than Retinol, without the redness and irritation, Marine Biopeptides stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, and Red Clover Extract provides a hormonal trigger to younger looking skin. The Triple Firming Treatment cream is applied using the Lydia Sarfati Classic Facial Massage Technique.
  • Phase 4: Vita Cura® Firming Mask: Spirulina and Laminaria Digitata Seaweeds firm and smooth the skin while enhancing the action of previous layers.
  • Phase 5: Vita Cura® Opti-Lift Serum: A Biopolymer of Almond protein provides immediate and visible lifting properties that you can see and feel.

What is Hydra Refine® Pore Perfecting Facial and its benefits?

The Hydra Refine® Facial controls oil, rids the skin of impurities and helps to eliminate future breakouts. Seaweed, Lemongrass and Cucumber leave the skin feeling refreshed, renewed, and ultra clean. Recommended for Normal to Oily Skin.

Facial properties:

  • Cleansing: Washes deep down, and helps eliminate pore-clogging oil while lily of the valley (Farnesol) fights blemish-causing bacteria.
  • Tone: Controls oil, minimizes pore size and purifies the skin while acting as a soothing, cooling and healing agent
  • High Frequency: Using High Frequency for 3-5 minutes, our oil-free serum hydrates while helping to control oil and fight breakouts.
  • Mask: Contains special skin brighteners to improve skin clarity and color. It deep cleans, absorbs oil without drying, and exfoliates with tiny spheres of rice bran wax and lactic acid.
  • Optional: If skin is dehydrated, the Repêchage® Seaweed Treatment Mask can be used to help re-hydrate the skin.
  • Moisturizing: Our super hydrating ingredients combine with 'puff busters' and intensive skin soothers in a lightweight fast penetrating gel that is applied to the delicate eye area. The rest of the face is finished with our oil-free serum that provides hydration without a greasy residue.


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